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About Fees

My fee is $120 per session. The first appointment is typically an hour and following appointments are 50 minutes.

Payment is due at the time of service. Clients keep a credit card on file with me that I process within 48 hours of the session. 


It is your choice if you want to submit your bill to your insurance provider for your own reimbursement.  If you choose to do this, I will provide you with the documentation necessary for your insurance company.  Your insurance company may reimburse you for therapy at the company's set rate formula for reimbursing for out-of-network providers. If you plan to do this, please call your insurance company to learn about their rate for reimbursement.

Cancellation Policy

I request 48 hours notice should you need to cancel an appointment.  If you miss a session or cancel without 48 hours notice, you will be responsible for the full fee. You are responsible for coming to your session on time; if you are late, your session will still need to end on time.

If I need to cancel your appointment I will try to find another time to reschedule, if this is available, and will communicate via our agreed upon method with as much notice as possible.

In inclement weather, the office will be closed when Ithaca or Dryden Schools are closed.  I will endeavor to communicate weather closings with you with as much notice as possible.

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