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Therapy with Children

When working with children, my first job is to listen closely to you, the parent, in order to learn about the behaviors that have become a cause of concern. Together, we will explore how the child’s life experiences may be contributing to his or her behaviors. We will become partners in figuring out what changes might be helpful. You can expect that I will be suggesting that you and I meet together, without your child, from time to time, so that we can talk freely about your own worries and challenges. As a parent myself, I know first-hand about the variety of pressures and conflicts you may feel. I will focus on your and your child’s strengths as we learn about how best to support your family. 

When meeting with your child, I will focus initially on creating a fun and safe environment, establishing my office as a place he or she will want to return to and myself as a helpful person. Many parents I work with tell me their kids look forward to coming to see me and the children often think of me as a teacher. With your child, I will help him or her learn words for emotions and help them to understand how they experience emotions in their body. I will support them trying new ways to keep their body calm and safe, even when experiencing strong feelings. Because play is the way children communicate, much of this “work” will seem fun to your child. 


My work with children is influenced by my years of counseling experience as well as a Masters Degree in Education with a specialization in Human Development from Harvard University.  I have had advanced training in Child Parent Psychotherapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children.  Both of these modalities are particularly useful when supporting a child after they have experienced something difficult in their lives. 

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