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Therapy with Teens

One of the first things I do when working with teens is to learn about the people, the activities, and the values that matter to them. In addition, I want to understand how they see the problems that have led them to therapy. What have they tried to help themselves?  What has worked for them? Teens tell me that they most appreciate being able to talk to me as a neutral person. They see me as someone safe to talk to who is more knowledgeable then their friends but without the judgment or anxiety they may perceive from their parents or other in positions of authority. 


When working with teens, my meetings with parents are usually in the company of their teenager. We may find ourselves sharing different perspectives in order to better understand one another. I will partner with you and your teen to help you through the rough patches and those times when you may not feel so certain as to which direction to take.   

As a therapist, I find that cognitive behavioral therapy offers concepts and skills that teens are able to make use of once they feel understood. For many teens, careful reflective listening, in the safety of the therapeutic setting, enables them to find their unique path to navigating their world. These young people often experience a reduction in their anxiety or depression symptoms, better relationships with friends and family, and a hopeful vision for the future.     

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